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Academic and scientific research is being conducted all over the world. However, the general public and even the research community reads only a fraction of it.
Most of the published research is produced by a small number of universities, in particular those in the top six U.S. research institutions. Times Higher Education (2009) Ranking Research Universities

Our goal is to help researchers–from all over the world – get their work published.

If your research is not being published in a peer reviewed journal, perhaps it is because your English is not up to par. Our editors at English Writing Help are experienced working with researchers for whom English is a second language. We can help you improve your word choice and obtain a professional or scientific tone in your paper. This alone will improve your chances of getting your research published.

Publishing in a Peer-reviewed Journal

Journals are rated by their impact factor, as you may know; and getting your research into one of those prestigious publications can have a tremendous impact on your career.
One critical factor of success is choosing the correct journal to which you submit your research manuscript. The journal you choose depends upon your field of expertise as well as the specific subject area under which your research falls. In addition, the journal’s impact factor is equally important to consider.

Scientific Journal Rank

The SCImago Journal & Country Rank is free web service where you can search journals in your scientific field. The output shows the ranking and the country as scientific indicators from the Scopus

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